We are a results driven oline business and organization development service that use a combination of strategic and tactical marketing expertise to deliver improvements in your website's organisational functions, driving your business forward to greater turnover and sustainable profit growth.

What's it like to work with Sevown? This page will tell you the kind of results our clients have reported. It will also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we're different than most technical consulting companies.

We are committed to achieving these results leverage all your business initiatives. Essentially, we assist you in implementing a common ground or common operating system for communication.

We believe in transferring skills and capabilities. That way you won't need us forever. Some client's consultants come in and they feel that they've paid them with a blank check. Our job is to instill skills, etc.

If you would appreciate help in addressing the key issues uncovered by our expert diagnostic you can expect to see the following:

You can drive more traffic, more visitors, to the site.
You can increase the amount of people who make a purchase, or request information, after they’re arrived at the site.


Our Approach

The 80/20 Rule allows you in focusing your efforts to have maximum impact in moving you forward. Alfred Pareto documented the 80/20 “Pareto” principle over a hundred years ago, that as a general rule in life 80% of results arise from 20% of the causes. This is a powerful principle when applied to marketing efforts 80% of the value of your marketing effort from20% of your target markets.

80% of the marketing issues you are facing could be resolved by eliminating the root causes of 20% of your Marketing Issues and marketing problems. By applying this principle we can help you have a much more effective and profitable marketing campaign than by more resource intensive products.

The Sevown Paradigm

Leadership is an energy or influence that constantly, pulls the team toward a center of focus such as expectation, strategy and vision.

Management is an expectation or process associated with aligning accountability to expectation, strategy and vision.

Communication is an expectation associated with a purpose, strategy and vision.


Our Unique approach responds to your needs.

Profitability is not optional. You run your business for many reasons. One very important reason is to make a profit. Profit is not optional. We work very closely with clients to do everything possible to increase their overall profitability.

Companies can and should be great places to work. You're in business to make a profit. If your employees dread coming to work every day because of the way the business is managed you're going to have serious productivity problems. A workplace can be a fulfilling and satisfying experience.


We're above all flexible. Different clients need different things. One size does not fit all. By looking at our service page, you can see that we have a variety of service modules that address a wide variety of issues. We approach each project with the same attitude.

Now that you have a better idea about the results that you can expect by working with us along with our approach and philosophy of working with clients… next go to our service page to learn about the specific services and programs that we offer.s.